What is Employee Engagement and why is it important?

Employee engagement is a strong logical and emotional connection that an employee has to his/her work that enables discretionary effort aligned with the goals of the organization.  An engaged workforce has an intellectual and emotional connection to their work, therefore, engaged employees are highly productive and committed to the success of the organization.  Engaged employees produce results.

I need some team building for our team, how do I decide which workshop to bring in?

Our learning and development experts spend time with our clients to assess current state and what outcomes you hope to achieve as a result of a team building activity.  When the goal is determined, we may have a workshop already in our portfolio of offerings to recommend, or we can customize a team building activity specifically for your team. With your collaboration, we bring an activity that works for your team.  Team building builds employee engagement.

If I need something different than the workshops shown on your website, do you have resources/capabilities to help me design it?  How is customization done?

Absolutely.  The great thing about having real experience in organizations as L&D Specialists and Leaders is that we have a wealth of design experience and myriad of activities to access in order to customize a team building experience that is right for your team.   We spend time getting to know your team, your organization and your needs to ensure we provide relevant and value-added training to address your specific needs.  We see this as a partnership with you to personalize learning for your audience.  Customized learning is immediately transferrable.

What’s a personality dimension assessment and how does that help me be a better leader?

Personality Dimensions is a dynamic tool that acknowledges individual behavioral temperament differences. It’s a fantastic way for people to deepen their understanding of individuality and learn how they can adapt to other types that are not their own.  As a leader, this gives you an inside edge for narrowing gaps and differences, designing work teams that are more efficient and who work productively together and elevating overall morale.  The best leaders direct their team’s individual energies to what they naturally do best.

Why it is important for leaders to be experts on change management?

Literature supports that 70-75% of change initiatives fail – regardless of whether they are technology, people or process changes.  There are a variety of reasons why change fails, including lack of buy-in from the staff who are most impacted by change, or because managers didn’t understand the process well enough before changes were made.  This causes organizations millions each year in lost opportunity costs.  We take the complexity out of what makes a change initiative successful and will help you design a plan that you can start using immediately.  Change is easy; transition requires careful planning to ensure change success.

How will a team building workshop impact overall productivity or market share?

Engaged employees prove are fully engaged in learning what your organization needs and providing you with best-in-class activities.  We listen, we care and we’re highly experienced. ide great customer service.  They also work effectively with their co-workers, which decreases turnover and the recruiting and training costs associated with hiring new staff.  Together, better customer service and lower turnover costs lead to higher profits and increased market share.  Engaged employees are also more likely to provide suggestions for improvements, which increases productivity throughout the company. Team building builds engagement.  Engagement translates to increased productivity and market share.

Are your workshops and materials available in a Train the Trainer format?

Yes.  We are happy to bring our workshops and materials to your leaders, facilitators or training teams so that they can provide the facilitation for your organization.  We do this by offering a facilitated sample session, complete with a facilitator guide for each participant and all materials needed for the workshop so that your dedicated resources can experience the workshop first hand, receive step-by-step guidance, and ask questions throughout the session.  Alternately, we can deliver the facilitator guide and course materials directly to you and be available for consultation. We provide support for all of our workshop materials.

How do we decide who delivers training/facilitation?

It’s based on what you need.  Our training, facilitation and learning and development experts have experience with a wide scope of industries and behavioral competencies. We target your audience and content needs and select a colleague who will be best suited to work with your participants and the subject matter.  A Mosaic Learning training facilitator partners with you to deliver the best experience for your audience. Your audience needs are a priority for us.

How do I know the training you offer works?

We follow up.  Our mission is to build actively engaged teams.  Our clients tell us that their leadership confidence, their team interactions, and their overall engagement survey results increase as a result of learning and team building activities.  Our training works because we are fully engaged in learning what your organization needs and providing you with best-in-class activities.  We listen, we care and we’re highly experienced.